Here are answers to questions we are frequently asked. If you have a question not addressed here, please contact us.

Should I have a good English level to join online classes?

Not necessarily. We have students from beginner to advanced level.

What software will I need for my online English course?

You only need install Skype software on your computer, smartphone or tablets. If you don't have webcam you can also take just voice call.

How can I pay for the course?

We accept payment by Visa, Master card and through Paypal.

When can I start course after trial class?

You can start next day, we just have to check teacher availability and contact you asap to confirm starting date.

What will happen after my course payment done?

You will receive confirmation email about course payment then our support team will contact you to confirm schedule.

Can I reschedule my class?

Yes, you can postpone the class that means one class will be added automatically end of your schedule, we don't charge anything for it.

Can I have same teacher always?

Yes, It is good news that your trial class teacher will be your regular one until you have request to change the teacher.

Can I stop my course for a while?

Yes, you can stop course anytime then you can start whenever you want.

Can I change my course package?

Yes, our support team available 24 hours a day to help for it.

What if the teacher doesn't show up for my class?

If your English teacher doesn’t call you within 10 minutes of the scheduled class time, we never count and just reschedule your class for another day.

Can I change my class time?

If you’d like to request a class time changes, please leave a message at the Q&A board on your account panel after signing in, or send a message to our Support Team.

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel all my remaining English classes?

If you decide that Enlego is not for you, simply notify us of your decision within 5 days of your course purchase. We will cancel all your remaining classes and issue a refund for the remaining classes calculated on the regular class price of each English class package.

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